Architectural Lighting
LLD Series R 6000 Harrier
Rounded architectural surface mounted

These units use the latest Cree® XP-E LED
Technology to produce 6012 lumens of bright
clean light with excellent colour rendering.
Powered directly from AC mains using a built-in
power source with a simple plug and play system.
The new R Series LED light units are designed as a
two part system, one to house the LEDs and the
other to house the LED driver controller box.
Keeping the two units separate allows the LED
light to run more efficiently due to good heat
dissipation. Built from solid aluminium alloy and
resistant to high impact and extreme weather. For
use in architectural applications with a great
aesthetic design. Available in a 'U' shape bracket
or a round based bracket.
  • Applications: Architectural lighting, lighting buildings, landscape areas, trees, lawns, stage & theatre
  • Data based on the LLD R 6000 Harrier U
  • Total power consumption, 86Watts of energy
  • 50,000 hours of virtually maintenance free operation
  • Energy efficient, 11 year lifespan, there is no need to replace the light source
  • Incorporating Thermo Dynamic Technology
  • Wattage comparison to a 800Watt light source
  • Ingress Protection IP66
  • Accessories: Cowl, garden spike
  • Die-cast aluminium construction
  • AkzoNobel performance coating paint finish
  • Low heat emission
  • Emits no UV or IR radiation
  • Choice of optical beam angles to suit every application 5⁰ 12.5⁰ 20⁰ 30⁰ 45⁰
LLD R 6000 Harrier U
LLD S 3000 Harrier U