High Performance LED Downlights by Luminans®
 JP-6128 recessed LED downlight delivers 2670 lumens
of exceptional 85+ CRI light while achieving 90 lumens per
watt. This breakthrough performance is achieved by
combining the high efficiency and high quality light of top
class encapsulation technology.

The JP-6128 is available in a warm colour temperature and
features spec grade aesthetics with a special developed
reflector. It is designed to easily install into 235mm diameter
ceiling openings. They can be used instead of traditional CFL
downlights, offering massive maintenance and energy
savings of up to 60% with a long life span. Evenly
distributed light with a patented design.
  • Applications: Hotels, retail, supermarkets, airports, offices, schools, libraries and public buildings
  • Data based on the JP-6128 Recessed downlight
  • Total power consumption, 30Watts of energy
  • 50,000 hours of virtually maintenance free operation
  • Energy efficient, 11 year lifespan, there is no need to replace the light source
  • Wattage comparison to a twin 18W CFL downlight
  • Commercial and domestic use
  • Aluminium construction
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • Low heat emission
  • Emits no UV or IR radiation
  • Emitting no noise and no flickering therefore helping to reduce eye fatigue.
  • Optical beam angle 120⁰ 140⁰
Available in three models;
JP-6125 - 7.5W/560lm
JP-6127 - 20W/1850lm
TheJP-6128 - 30W/2670lm
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